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【English】 Oktoberfest

Guten tag!!


Yes, you might know what today's topic is about already.



The topic is about my first experience to the craziest Fes in the world that is called "Oktoberfest"!!



Enjoying at Oktoberfest which attracts all of beer geeks was actually one of my purposes to choose Europe for my studying.


I will show you my whole schedule of this Germany trip in time order.🇩🇪



The Oktoberfest takes place during late Sep and the beginning of Oct in Munich, Germany.

Flight tickets from Gothenburg, Sweden to Munich, Germany usually cost less than €200 but in this season, it goes up unbelievably. Accommodation in Munich is also extraordinary expensive.😱


That's why I decided to trip to Frankfurt at first and stay there 2 nights. Then I moved to Munich by train and spent 2 nights as well. Fortunately, I have friends there and they kindly offered me their place (they are a newly married couple!! Congrats again, Mrs L and Mr R). 🎉



Frankfurt is the second biggest financial city to London in Europe. The head office of the European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt. 

I went to the office but there were just a huge building and Euro sign, almost nothing lol



Considering that Frankfurt was actually not a city for sightseeing, I could have fun to walk around Römerberg where is a historic place and join the Main River Cruise.




Finally got this thick jacket at the great outdoor gear & clothing shop. (I don't even know how much I've contributed to Patagonia's sales until today. Love them♡)





Anyway, what do you imagine when you hear "Japanese Food"??

I was surprised that there are many sushi restaurants in Europe even in this my living small city in Sweden.

Of course, Japanese people often eat sushi but ramen noodle is also really popular.🍣🍜

Ramen originally came from China to Japan about 120 years ago. After that, it has been developed as "Japanese Ramen".


Ramen is absolutely necessary in my life. It can be for lunch, and make me happy particularly when I have ramen after getting drunk. We unconsciously start to think about which ramen restaurant can be good to finish a party towards the end of it.🙍🏻‍♂️


I can get some instant ramens at an Asian market in Jönköping but I really needed "REAL RAMEN".


TripAdvisor gave me a beneficial information that there is a "REAL RAMEN RESTAURANT" in Frankfurt and I visited there.



I got lost for words.

It was just awesome.


Muku was totally looked like Japanese pub (izakaya) and they offer not just incredible ramen but Japanese izakaya meals and Japanese sake as well.




You can feel Japanese atmosphere even in a central European city Frankfurt, Germany. Highly recommended to visit there.






 After spending 2 days in Frankfurt, I headed to my dream place, Munich by ICE (high-speed train).


My goal in Munich was "enjoying Oktoberfest as much as possible rather than normal sightseeing".



First of all, you should know what Oktoberfest is.

It is the biggest beer festival in the world and about 6 million people visit to there while it is been held for just 16 days. There are 14 tents in 46-hectares-field which is a little bit larger than Vatican City.

If people do not like beer that much, they can also enjoy eating German traditional cuisine, drinking beer cocktail and playing on a variety of rides.





My first impression of Oktoberfest was just "a weird amusement park" because there are already a lot of drunks around big rides at 3 pm.




The first beer at Oktoberfest was Paulaner and had a Prost!! with some randomly found Japanese and Malaysian guys.🍻


Once entered into a tent, mission is really simple. Just DRINKING BEERS.



I surprisingly enjoyed drinking, talking, singing (Ein Prosit is awesome), and dancing to a live band until 11 pm.

But unfortunately, I cannot describe the detail of the first night because, of course I got drunk then and my memories do not exist in my brain at all.


Someone's phone numbers were registered on my iPhone and I put a wristband ticket for a party before I knew them.😂



On the following morning, I walked around Munich Central Station and went to Oktoberfest again at 1 pm.

Tents were totally packed because it was Saturday. Japanese guy, who hanged out together last night and he happened to graduate from my home university, and I took outside seats.


It was lovely chilling to talk with him, a local old couple, and local guys.😌




In the evening, the Japanese guy had to leave there, so we said goodbye and I joint another Japanese college students group. (Plz Don't say "Stop to hang out with Japanese!!!!" I really missed speaking Japanese language.)



I went back to my friends' place around 9 pm and then drank great Portuguese wine and German beer with them.

They work for the unfamiliar industry for me and also inspired me to talk about their industry and attitude at work.




That's it my first Oktoberfest experience for only 2 days.


List of tents and beers which I went and had below

  • Winzerer Fähndl (Paulaner)
  • Hofbräu Festzelt (Hofbräu)
  • Löwenbräu Festzelt (Löwenbräu)
  • Augustiner Festhalle (Augustiner)


You might know Hofbräu and Löwenbräu because they are well-known in the world.

I could not complete all of tents in this trip but satisfied this crazy festival with amazing beers and peeps.



This sole trip made me a lot to learn through meeting with various new friends.


Last of all, I appreciate all of people for welcoming this sketchy guy, particularly Mr R and Mrs L.







*Please tell me if you realize my English mistake.